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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 50
Chapter 50: Surprises, Reveals, Plans, and Confrontations
After the best night's sleep he had ever had in a very long time, Draco woke to the sound of voices that were still strangers to him but it didn't bother him as he knew those voices meant safety.
Throwing his bedding off with glee, he quickly grabbed his bathing things and headed off to the bath. After an invigorating shower, he dressed quickly in his new robes.
"Well you look bright eyed and alert this morn," Robert said, pleased the newest member of his house was looking happy rather than worried or angry. This made him even more at ease with the former Slytherin.
"I am, thank you. And I'm starving," Draco said, grinning from ear to ear.
"You aren't worried about what is going to happen when we get to the great hall," Terry Boot asked, a concerned frown on his face.
"Yes and no. Of course I am concerned. I know several Slytherins will be furious at me and will seek some form of vengeance. But I am not worried as I have many pr
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 49
Chapter 49: Spreading the Word
While Snape was working through the tasks he had been given within Hogwarts, Hagrid was doing his part outside the school. As he had promised, he had sought out Xenophilius Lovegood at his rather strange looking home that looked like the rook from a chess board. The home was located in Otter St Catchpole in Devon, England among some hills and surrounded by gardens.
Otter St Catchpole was a small, quiet town of rolling hills and fields and much liked by both muggles and wizards who lived side by side here peaceably. Besides the Lovegoods, three other full witch families lived nearby: the red-headed Weasley clan, Diggory and Fawcett.
Hagrid had no classes to teach today so had decided to take care of the task he had been given. He had fire called ahead and though surprised, Xenophilius was willing to meet with him. He apparated at the edge of the gardens and walked toward the odd little house. He sighed and breathed in the quiet and the scent of growing thi
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 48
Chapter 48: New Member for Ravenclaw
"You want to do what?" Filius Flitwick, the Charms instructor, asked, shock making his voice squeak more than usual.
Dumbledore sighed. He knew Filius wasn't going to like this but once the man understood the situation he would come around quickly. He loved his students and protected them fiercely so all he had to do is get the little man to listen.
"Filius, please hear me out," he pleaded in as soothing a tone as he could manage.
Professor Flitwick snapped his mouth shut, crossed his arms and waited. Those that didn't know him would think him comical standing there so proud and strong even though he stood just under four feet but he was part goblin and could be fierce in battle. The best charms instructor known this century and former duelist of the highest caliber, Flitwick was no one anyone would want to mess with.
Patiently and carefully, Dumbledore briefed Flitwick on what had been happening with the Malfoy family and what information Severus h
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 47
Chapter 47: The Tasks Begin
After a sound sleep, the first in a very long time, Severus rose to a new day. Today was when everything in his life would change and so would Draco's.
Rising, he took his time with his morning toilet and breakfast in his quarters. He had decided he needed the quiet time to plan the day's moves. Since he had no class to teach until after lunch, his first step was to contact Narcissa. From a recent conversation with Draco, he knew where to find her.
The day was clear and cold as he stepped from the castle and headed to the Hogwart's gates. No one accosted him as he slogged through the newly fallen snow and reached the gates. Stepping through, he wasted no time apparating to his destination.
Sighing, he soaked in the Mediterranean heat that struck his face. He loved Spain this time of year after the frigid cold of Scotland. He had arrived in the tiny magical enclave located at Tnerife in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. It saw very little traffic as
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 46
Chapter 46: The Elder Council
"Thank you Farley for making time to help me," Agatha said.
The two were setting up the barn with the table used during the recent Christmas celebration held at the Hagrid's farm. Since there were soo many that had been asked to attend this important occasion it was thought their farm would be a more conducive location for the gathering as well as being safer and more secure as well.
"Glad to help out grandmother. I know this be an important occasion. Wish I could listen in," Farley said wistfully as he helped set the immense table in the center of the barn's huge space with a wave of his hand.
"Och, you might find some of it interesting I'm sure laddie, but the rest are details that would bore you. But more importantly grandson, there are many things you should not be informed of for your own safety. There be many Death Eaters and beasts with bad intentions out there and the less you know the safer you will be," she said gently as she magically set chairs
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 45
Chapter 45: Evil Takes a Meeting
(A/N: Major edit job was done to this and the following chapters, suggest rereading them and thanks for reading and reviewing. It's much appreciated.)
Malfoy Manor's once beautiful and stately grounds had fallen into neglect as more and more of Lucius' time had been taken by the Dark Lord who had commandeered the manor as his headquarters much to the dismay of Lucius and Narcissa as they weren't happy their home had been so invaded without their permission. Though they knew better than to object if they valued their lives.
It pained them both to watch helplessly as their home's interior and belongings were abused while the exterior fell to ruin. But it was especially painful to watch their beautiful white peacocks die or take off for better pastures.
It was gradual loss of her home, lack of privacy, the slow disenchantment with the pure blood movement and the danger facing her son that prompted Narcissa to take leave of her home and to stay away much to
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Strategies
For no apparent reason, on a crisp and cold evening near the end of the week after the Dark Lord's true death, the Weasley twins decided to set off a grand fireworks display. They were exceptionally skilled at designing these specialized fireworks which were very detailed and huge, spreading across the sky like immense canvas' of color and noise.
The teachers had made a concerted effort to try and corral the pair but, as usual, the Weasleys were too skilled at keeping out of sight and out of the magic reach of their professors while they continuing to bewitch and regale their fellow students out of their doldrums.
At the first explosion at midnight, students startled and nearly ran screaming and hiding, fearing an attack from Death Eaters but it wasn't long before they learned what the noise truly meant. Spilling out of doors and peering out windows, many clad in night wear while others were still in their school robes having been attending Astronomy Class the st
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 43
Chapter 43: A Turbulent Meeting of the Order
After hurrying out of Dumbledore's office, Harry made a bee line for his dorm, managing to avoid meeting anyone along the way. Everyone was in class, which meant he was late but that couldn't be helped. Ducking through the disapproving portrait guarding the Gryffindor entry way, Harry rushed upstairs to the dorm.
His breakfast waited suspended on a tray above his bed and Wine was beneath it, nose in the air sniffing it.
Giving his familiar a quick pat and the chicken leg the house elf thoughtfully had on the plate for him, Harry quickly got his school things together before sitting on the bed to stuff his meal down rather hastily. Washing it down with the pumpkin juice.
Grabbing his books and things, he gave Wine a verbal farewell (since daring to touch a kneazle who was eating guaranteed a bitten hand) and raced back out of the dorm. His first class of the day was Transfiguration.
Since McGonagall knew where he'd been, he had no need to exp
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 42
Chapter 42: So what now?
Shaking his head, Dumbledore felt adrift at the moment, something he'd not experienced in a very long time. It seemed the war was over with him sitting on the sidelines during the final battle. He didn't know how to handle that. He was used to being in control and clearly he wasn't and hadn't been since the day the boy, Harry Potter, had been taken into the forest.
He was still grappling with the fact Hagrid wasn't as stupid or powerless as they had all thought. And even more terrifying, it appeared the forest dwellers were more powerful and skilled with magic than any in the wizarding world had imagined. He wasn't sure he wanted to actually see what they were capable of but if what Hagrid was hinting at, they would all learn just how much of a threat the forest dwellers could be if they so chose.
And that was the question, wasn't it? Did they mean the wizarding harm or did they simply want recognition that they weren't an object of ridicule and distrust. Nor d
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 41
Chapter 41: Shocking Truths
McGonagell looks something like a fish out of water, Harry mused, noting the gaping mouth and open, stunned eyes of the second in command.
"There appear to be many things you three have kept hidden from us. Dare I hope we are about to be informed on what that is?" Dumbledore asked. His voice sounded mild and merely interested but his eyes betrayed his intense and growing annoyance.
The three had not given any thought to how they were going to approach this bomb-worthy information nor who would start first. They gave each other looks but no one spoke.
Frustration making him rude, Dumbledore finally demanded, "I'm afraid the suspense is undoing even my extensive patience gentlemen, so I will ask the questions to get this strange meeting started." Turning to Harry, he asked, "Are you now prepared to tell me who your guardians are?"
Harry straightened, glanced right again for a second and receiving a small nod from Hagrid, gave answer. "Hagrid and the forest dwe
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 40
Chapter 40: Morning Confrontation
It was an exhausted young man who finally dragged himself into the Gryffindor common room after a stop in the owlery.
Hedwig had greeted him with a small hoot. He sighed in relief as his examination of her body and wings showed she had suffered no damages. Giving her a caress, he murmured softly, "I'm glad you're alright. I was very worried there when that panther took a swipe at you."
His owl made comforting sounds and butted her head against his hand telling him in her own way that all was alright and that she loved him too. He smiled and gave her a treat before bidding her goodnight and escaping into the night air again.
He hurried along the open pathway toward the door leading back inside. He was cold and wanted warm as soon as possible. By the time he reached the Gryffindor common room he was dragging. Smelling of owl dung, dried sweat and covered in leaves and forest debris from his exertions of the evening, all Harry wanted was take a bath and g
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HARRY POTTER, Old Magic, Chapter 39
Chapter 39: We Won … But the Next Battle is Still To Come
Watching the fire as it flickered to coals in Hagrid's fireplace, Harry sighed, glanced toward the door for the millionth time, then back at the fire. "I wish someone would come tell me what's going on," he muttered to Fang. The Boar Hound just flapped his tail a bit in response. Then, suddenly, he raised his head and woofed, eyes staring at the door.
Frowning, Harry stared at the dog a moment before getting to his feet and making for the door. He halted again, hand on doornob, and looked again at the dog but Fang didn't show any sign of being afraid or angry. His mouth hung open in a friendly doggy smile and his tail was waving madly. Harry took that to mean whoever or whatever was outside wasn't dangerous to him. Sighing, he opened the door a crack. A streak dashed in and leaped onto the table.
The kneazle gave a loud meow and lashed his tail.
"The battle over?"
Wine nodded his head and gav
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The Day We Met
The day I met the future SWAT Kats was something special. I was walking to a new city. The sign said Megakat City. I wasn't sure why they spelled cat with a k instead of a c.
They were something else those kats. They wore clothes, can talk, and walk on two legs.
I was so zoned out by them while walking I didn't see a car coming down the street.
A kat shouted, "Kid look out!" He pulled me out just in time.
"Are you crazy kid?! You could have gotten killed!"
"Sorry. It's just I've never been here before."
"Have  you ever lived in a city kid?"
"No. I've lived in a small town all my life. I never knew what it's like to live in a big city."
"You're lucky kid. A city can be a dangerous place. Especially for a kid like you."
"That's funny coming from someone who drinks milk and eats mice all day."
This kat with yellow fur and brown stripes laughed while another kat with dark orange fur walked up and said, "Hey that's not funny."
"Hey buddy leave her alone. I like her."
"Sure. Y
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